I’m a bit of a geek at heart. If I have to do something more than twice I automate the process. Get under the bonnet of your Mac and discover what Applescript and Filemaker can do for your efficiency.

Automated photography workflows. Not sure this stuff is for you? Have another think. If you’re  a photographer shooting 1 job a week you can do all your admin manually. You have the time. But lets say you got busy…really busy. You would probably have to employ someone to do your admin for you. You earn your money taking pictures, not doing your admin.

Lets define admin. Its not just paperwork! Its everything else you do other than take the pictures. Downloads, uploads, rename, reprocess, cataloguing, emails, diary, etc. All these things are important to the running of your business but none of them earn you money directly.

If you could automate some of those processes then your life would be easier. Right? Also through automation you won’t make mistakes with your processes.

Put it this way. It doesn’t matter if I am shooting 2 people in the studio or I have 5 photographers shooting 300 kids in a day I can still easily process all the images and information.


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