Originally trained as a musician I worked with all the London orchestras a professional euphonium and bass trumpet player. Professor of the Euphonium and Head of Brass of the Junior Dept. of the John ClarkGuildhall School of Music and Drama for 17 years and was awarded a Fellowship for my services. I got drunk one day in 1980 after recording the music for one of the Bond films and bought a camera. Its been my living ever since.

I have been an actors headshot photographer in London for 35 years. It was never my intention to photograph ‘famous’ people but if they went on to be well known then I would like to say I had a small part in their aspirations.Two of my first clients were Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley and since then I have photographed countless actors who have appeared in major films and on TV.

I would like to share the wealth of experience I have gained through this blog with posts on headshot technique and photographic workflows.

I have always had an interest in street photography but could never make a living out of it. Now, post 60 years of age, I can explore this medium without concerning myself with financial rewards from it.

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  1. Mike Bell says:

    Dear John,
    I have been admiring your work for a while now and have enjoyed reading your blogs and also the fact that you are willing to share your knowledge. Your work is absolutely stunning. Until I read your latest workshop, I was convinced that you had found a superb outdoor location to create the depth in your photos, then I saw that you had taken most, if not all, of the shots inside using various lighting, a plastic mirror (brilliant!), and other props. At some point I would really like to come to one of your workshops as I would definitely like to improve my technique.
    Mike Bell

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