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Hashtag Generator for Photographers and Advertisers

The idea is to create a little database app that can create and save general/specific hashtags sets and also generate custom caption lists (including client handles, hashtags and custom text) for specific clients or image sets. These hashtag sets are available for C&P or can be embedded directly in the caption area of image’s exif data (uses exiftool in the background). You can also extend functionality and incorporate the processes into a automated workflow. ie export images direct from CF card into Lr with hashtags already embedded. Uploading via the Lr/Instagram plug in for Lightroom works a treat as Instagram does not strip out the EXIF data using the plug in. Lightroom mobile on the other hand strips out the data before posting to Instagram so you have to C&P the hashtags list back in the caption. The database can copy your hashtag/caption lists direct to your Notes app which will then be available on your iPad and iPhone to C&P easily.

The database has two layouts. A general hashtag list and a client area. The hashtag list area has a live feed to a hashtag generator. All hashtags lists you create are editable. It also includes a MustHaves list. This a list you create with hashtags relevant to your brand and other poplar tags like #instagood and #picoftheday.

The other layout is a client list. This can be clients, company info or batches of images, campaigns, in fact anything you want to create a personalised hashtag list for. It can contain the handles for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and you can create some custom text to go with your post (preamble). You create the clients hashtag list from any of your general hashtags lists. It can be a random selection from say 3 lists and can include chosen hashtags from your MustHaves. You can copy to the clipboard or Notes from either layout. The hashtags should be pasted to caption field in the images exif data. 

This is a Mac only app.

This is a beta version to try out. Please give some feedback. New updated version coming soon!!

hash   Download v.1 

If you get this message

Download and run this fix. Locate the Hashtag Generator App and fill in your password

Fix Script for OSX v10.13.3 and above.app

You will have to verify the app as safe to open in System Preferences>Security and Privacy

Create #hashtag list using AppleScript

Create a Simple Progress Bar in Filemaker that will check the progress of an AppleScript.

Disclaimer: There is nothing in the code of this app that will fry your mac. If it does I am not responsible for any damage caused wilfully or by neglect.








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