Filemaker database creation from Excel File

Perhaps you have your data stored in a Excel file and wish to import this to Filemaker. The task could not be easier. In Filemaker simply go to File>import>file and search for your excel file then import it. You then have created your Filemaker database from your excel file.

To get to know Filemaker a little better use download the database in the previous post. Your excel data might include more fields than is in photo_database so you will need to add some more in the Filemaker database. Open the database and hit cmd-L (layout mode). If prompted for account use Admin. No password is necessary. Hit cmd-shift-D (manage database) and click tab fields


Create extra fields as you need them. You can also use the fields already created but dont change their names yet.

Hit OK and it will take you back to the layout mode. You can see your New Field on the layout and then you re size it and put it where you like. Hit cmd-B to go to browse mode.


Once you have created all the fields you need then import your excel file.

Copy and paste this script into your Script Editor

–copy from here

property dbase : “photo_database”

property mylayout : “form”

property imagelayout : “image_names”

tell application “FileMaker Pro Advanced”

go to database dbase

go to layout mylayout

set curRec to current record

do script “commit”

–get data

set {thedate, fname, lname, email, mobile, uniqueID, thepath, twit, face, imageList, imagePath} to curRec

end tell

set theText to {thedate & return & fname & return & lname & return & email & return & mobile & return & uniqueID & return & thepath & return & twit & return & face & return & imageList & return & imagePath} as string

display dialog theText

–to here

Run the script and you should get a dialog box of info from the record you see. Now try and adapt the script to show info from some of the fields you have created.


To come:

Open selected images in PS and write caption data and more.

Copy all images from selected card and import to Lr.

Email selected images direct from database.






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