Fuji XT-1. The ugly side of this little beauty.


I love my little Fuji XT-1. I now have 2 and and have been using them professionally for over a year. There is a lot I like about the camera.


Fuji have been very good in listing to their client base and implementing changes. Lets hope they read this as well.


  •  The buttons are too flat and cannot be felt with your thumb while your eye is on the view finder. They just need to be raised a little. I have said this in a previous post and a bodge to put things right.
  • Cannot see the point of the Focus Assist button. The auto focus is that good it’s simply not needed as a main button. Bury the facility in the menu and use the button for something more useful.


  • As with my Canon I would like the Fuji XT-1 to remember the landscape and portrait focus points. Shooting headshots for instance, you are always focusing on the eyes and it is a pain to keep manually changing the focus point between orientations.
  • After initially focusing the highlighted focus points should disappear like the Canon so you can see your subject without distractions. Its not so bad with single point focus but when your in Zone focussing there can be many focusing points illuminated disturbing your view of the image.

AE Mode

  • AE mode is canceled when you review the picture you have just taken. Why? You have set the shot up, applied exposure compensation, checked the picture and then the Fuji forgets the settings. This is especially frustrating using external speed lights when you have to check the exposure to see what they are doing.
  • With AE locked you can’t access the Quick Menu and it locks you out of changing the focus points. Why! You may want to change settings when you have the exposure correct.

Drive and Metering Dial

  • I would like these dials to be lockable somehow. Perhaps you would have to push the dial button in to move it. Its far too easy to nudge these buttons while adjusting ISO and shutter speeds.

Front Command Dial

  • There is no problem using the manual exposure compensation dial when using the Fuji XT-1 in landscape but its very fiddly when using it in portrait. I have the battery grip attached which has the dial in a very convenient location just under the shutter button. I would love an option to use the dial for exposure compensation, overriding what is set on the manual dial. The camera knows its orientation so when the camera turn to landscape mode the manual button would override the dial.

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  1. Gabriel Goncalves (Portugal) says:

    Good remarks!
    I’ve searched the entire net for a topic discussing what is, in photographers’ perspective, the best way to implement exposure compensation. I’ve not found it yet. Arrgh!
    I think the way Canon implements the interface to exposure compensation with the 70D (and models up) is the best. I have got a PowerShot S95 that has a ring in the back that is sooo easy to operate to compensate exposure, just like the more expensive Canon DSLRs! It also operates, after going to the menu, the falsh exposure compensation. I wish all cameras manufacturers would use this system: a ring or a rotative pad on the back of the camera that you can turn with your thumb. (I’m not an english native speaker, so the names for these things may not be right.) A dial or a knob on top of the camera is never as fast to reach and to operate. Plus the problem of portrait orientaion you mentioned. Canon does is better, IMO.
    Nonetheless, Fuji cameras are something extraordinary!

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