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Does your headshot look like you?

Does your headshot look like you?

March 29, 2018

In these days of the glamorous selfie do some people have a warped idea of what they look like rather than what they actually look like? Research any casting directors’ thoughts on headshots on either side of the Atlantic and you will hear one piece of advice time and again. “Look like your headshot!” The […]

The Headshot Photography Course – 1

The Headshot Photography Course – 1

March 2, 2018

Welcome to this series of headshot tutorials. I have been an actors headshot photographer for 25 years and before that photographed beauty and glamour. The purpose of these blogs is to share the skills that I have attained working in many different styles of headshot photography. Even though my niche is headshot photography for actors the […]

Workshop Testimonials

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“I had a fantastic time with John and I gained so much from his workshop. It was a full and informative day, from watching John in action photographing clients, and then onto workflow management and editing and much, much more besides. This course really has given me the tools to improve my headshot business, it was a great investment. John and Jean were so welcoming and hospitable; I had such an enjoyable day. Thank-you.”

Rebecca Knowles Photography

” I have long been an admirer of John’s work.  It is without question that John is one, if not the best Actor Headshot Photographer in the UK and I was fascinated to find out some of his secrets.  His headshots standout not only because of the awesome lighting but the expressions and mood he is able to capture.  I spent the day with John and learnt more about headshot Photography than I could have ever imagined. Thank you John for sharing your secrets.”

Iain Gome. Gomes Wedding Photography

“John’s workshop was an awe-inspiring day – one that will leave you with a thirst for more and an immediate desire to practice what you have learned. You will leave his studio with a competent knowledge and understanding of equipment, work flows, and processes required to get the most out of your camera, client and, of course, yourself; as you embark on your career as a headshot photographer.”

Michael Cheetham – Startup Headshot Photographer

“Great to be able to tap into your life time of experience and have everything so well explained. A definite plus to join a consumate professional and observe him practicing his craft and have processes and systems explained simple yet comprehensively. Really recommend this full day workshop to any photographer who wants to step up a level with their headshot photography.”

Peter Mould  Headshot Photographer

“Spending a day with John was a great experience. The day included lighting techniques with the emphasis on the quality of light and how to get the ‘right’ expression along with improving workflow. My mind is still buzzing and I am looking forward to trying out some new techniques.  I would highly recommend this workshop. “

Mike Bell Portrait, Headshot & Wedding Photographer

“I jumped at the chance to a one to one workshop day with John for so many reasons. It’s such a rarity to find a genuinely busy, successful and well respected photographer who’s prepared to take time teaching others, and to teach them all aspects of the business – not just the photography, but also the psychology and most important of all, the workflows. The day was busy from start to finish with so much take in that days later I’m still writing additional notes about things we covered on the day.I can’t thank John enough for the new perspective he’s given me. I’m looking forward to putting everything that I’ve learned into practice.”

Simon Errol Headshot Photographer